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Personal notes, thoughts and rants from 15 years ago.

To the newer cat

Belated Christmas greetings. Unfortunately I could not post an entry yesterday, not that I was too busy celebrating christmas, but my laptop had to be pressed into an unavoidable service, namely, showing my mom a movie. Anyhow so I will complete my yesterday’s duty today.So what has kept me… Read


Yes, thats what I have named my new Airport Express Base Station (Thanks to Skar). Didn’t bother to think much to name it.It is up and running and finally my home is unwired. Read


A short one day trip to Shimla-Kufri with few of my classmates followed soon after the last exam. I am a little late at sharing this. As soon as we heard that there was an early snowfall in Himachal, we planned this trip in a hurry. Overall it was a fantastic one. I had seen snow for the first… Read

Sunny Affairs

I am back from my second last exam of this semester (ie if I dont flunk in any of those that I have given till now). The next exam is on 11th, Tuesday and its a biggie. I just hope I am am able to survive three days of preparation and three hours of the examination cause I find this subject to be… Read

End of semester syndrome...

One thing that happened last week was that we had a trip to the Infosys Chandigarh Campus. Infosys Chandigarh is located at the Rajiv Gandhi IT Park. Chandigarh IT Park is developing at a blazing pace. Most of the buildings have a modern architechtural design, mostly glass exteriors (Gurgaon types)… Read

Unix.. Who cares??

I remember I had to study the basics of Unix in my 3rd Semester but I had found it utterly boring (in fact anything I study in my course curriculum automatically turns into a boring stuff). Recently I have been introduced to the Solaris Operating System, and obviously it has taken me back to Unix.… Read


I recently did a software update and a newer version of Safari 3 was intalled, and thankfully…. Google Chat inside Gmail is working!!… and as usual I’m loving it!! Read

A small glimpse of Panjab University

I have uploaded my first public album taken with my camera just a part of Panjab University, I’ll take some more pictures and upload them later.  Read

Bizarre, but a must read.

खतरो के खिलाड़ियों… ज़हरीले भूखे कुत्तो… अब आ गया है वो दिन… T20 विश्व विजेताअों दिखा दो तुम में अभी भी है वो जोशो-खरोश जो दुश्मन की माँ बहन equalize कर दे… शातिर सूरमाअों, आगे आने वाले युद्ध में विजयी लौटना… जय बाबा बाप्पी नाथ। I am a disco dancer… O yeah!!My final sessional exams for this semester are just over. This was an SMS that I received from one of my hostel mates during the exams. It is supposed to serve as a “confidence booster”-cum-“all the best” message for the sessional exams. By the way the person who sent this message is a Sardar (no offence) who… Read


I have nothing much to write… Just have a look at the news paper clips. (Just open up the images in new window to read the articles).5th Nov 20076th Nov 2007Unfortunately one of the car that fell victim of the assaults belonged to my friend…7th Nov 2007And when I finally came back from… Read

शुभ दिपावली

Wishing all of you a very Happy Diwali.Please solve the bug!! Every time I try to edit an old post…. Its date/time of publishing changes to current time (Inspite of the fact that I manually change the date and time!!). Read


Did you hear the shot??If no here it is…Yes its the first gift that I am gifting myself… of some hard earned money. So no more running after my uncle for digital camera, I own one now. And a nice sleek one.I wanted to by a decent digicam within a decent budget and surprisingly a Sony… Read


Just to notify the few viewers of my blog… check out this newly created blog.It’ll have all the sun-related things that the Sun Club of UIET is involved in.And ya.. PUSU-INSO won this time. Another election comes to an end… only one more to go for me. :) Read


Let me clarify one thing… the countdown is not in seconds, or minutes. Its in hours. Now guess what am I talking about… ElectionsSo polls in the next 10 hours and the results withing an hour or two after the elections. Although I have covered a lot about the PU polls from kidnappings to… Read

पेहली कामयाबी

So day before- the 30th I had my first event as the Campus Ambassador of Sun Microsystems. Nice start I’d say. Never did I expect so many people to come for the first event. It took me quite some time to make a 100-slide presentation which covered the introduction of What Open Source is and… Read

Sun Microsystems

Finally my second sessional exams are over and I have some time to blog about my recent Sun Induction Training. For those of you who dont know, I have been selected to be the Sun Campus Ambassador for FY08. Basically a Sun CA is a 12 month intern and a temporary employee. So he gets a stipend and… Read

The same excuse....

There are two kinds suffering possible if you turn back to your blog after a long time. One of the kind is that you have nothing to write. Im the other kind. And since there is so much to write in there I am utterly confused. Let me brief it up. As usual I have been busy. PHP projects, workshops,… Read

ah!! iPod

My iPod had been troubling me for a long time… Roughly 4 months. In the month of April my iPod had been showing some odd symptoms. Every time I woke it up, it would reset itself. At times it would show 0 songs and I had to reset it again. At times it just wont play the songs well. Eventually… Read

Last few days...

Inspite of the fact that I have quite an amount of php work, I just can’t get back to it. Mac has consumed all my time. Even at this point of I am stuch to my mac and I found this nice and easy blogger widget. I just cant image how easy now it is to post new blog entries. I have found two… Read

Think Different - think again!!

Ah computing has been very different since I have started using my mac. Very very different. And I must say aadat bigad rahi hai. It seems I am being spoilt (by nature) and some kind of arrogance has crept in my attitude. I logged into Vista today (installed on my Macbook). Why so? To serve the… Read

Mac-ish... eh thats history

I still remember, I was hell bent on getting Mac installed on my PC!! Karan… oh… he had to really struggle to make that possible. And at that time, I had a post titled “I feel Mac-ish” But now its a pure Mac (no mac-ish business). I really did not want resume blogging untill… Read


So was I sleeping? As a matter of fact I did not have any time to sleep at all. Boy!! I was (and also am) reeeaaaaally busy and worked out. But I somehow I have decided to make another entry into my Blog. Why? Cause firstly there was two new emails in my inbox notifying me of two new comments on my… Read


Ah well I guess it would be good to describe the different committees that I am associated with….First the technical committee:-Let’s talk about the senior members first:-1. Jaideep Karamchandani (Mech 3rd yr): He was the convener this year (just as I had predicted last year). But his p… Read

Embedded C

I just attended a three day workshop on Microcontrollers and embedded C programming. The workshop was organised by IEEE Students Branch of my institute and professionals from Eureka Electrosoft Solutions Pvt Ltd were invited to deliver the workshop. It was an excellent learning experience, trying… Read

Is it really a 'Happy' New Year?

Most of my time in the past few days was spent watching television. And on television I generally watch the news channel. If you have been following the news bulletins recently, it must have left you dejected. It is so disturbing to watch the news channel these days. Innocent kids are killed by… Read