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Personal notes, thoughts and rants from 17 years ago.

A month and a half, in short

Our institute fresher party is over, but that is not the end of it. Fresher parties still continue. Firstly we had a hostel fresher party. A few hours of cultural performance by the hostellers - dance, jokes, songs etc. An excellent lunch followed the performances. Unlike other days we enjoyed 3-4… Read


Durga Puja as usual was fun. Two of my aunts visited us with their family. Since most of the events are held at night I was the main driver during those days. Obviously we could not ask our driver to do an overnight duty and again come in the morning. The Puja days were over even before we realized… Read

The Night Bus

Mornings have changed since we have bought our football. Every morning should begin with a game of football. Although it may not take place everyday, we still try our best to play once before going for our classes. One of my friend’s brother visited Chandigarh for some work. A tall stout… Read

A Request...

From now on I will start posting fresh posts i.e ones that I have not mailed before.I would like to know who all are visiting my blog.Please leave your name as comment. Read

SSSSSSSSSSSSSSimple Harmonic Motion

8th October 2005Well, the subject of this post might sound a little peculiar, but as you read on the subject would be justified.Lots has happened since my last post on ragging. Firstly my second sessional exams. BORING exams again and again. It seems that engineering means giving exams again and… Read

The Phantom Returns

25 September 2005Every one knows that the Panjab University Elections are over. And the end of elections marks the continuation of ragging season!! Fortunately the sessional exams were scheduled just after the elections and the seniors (as well as the freshers) were busy studying. But unfortunately… Read

Election Nightmare...

5th September 2005One thing that I have learned in the past one month is that college life is more of an adventure than fun. And if one does not agree with, come to Panjab University during the elections.The following are a list of things that you can enjoy during PU elections.Chandigarh Police… Read

The campus...

23 August 2005You all must be knowing that I am studying in University Institute Of Engineering And Technology, Panjab University, Chandigarh. PU campus is huge and really cool. There are 7 boys hostel and 5 girls hostel inside the campus, roughly 4000 hostellers can be accomodated in them. It is… Read

A Welcome Song...

Here I am, this is meI have come to this world but I am rarely freeHere I am, so young and gay,right here in the place where I belongIt’s a new blog, it’s a new startIt’s a life in need of new heartsIt’s a new day in a new blog, and it’s waiting for youAre you there?? Read

Visitors Please Note!!

First I shall be posting a few old stuff that I have already mailed to some of my friends. This is for those who do not know what has been happening in my life till now. Those who have read the mails, please bear with me. Read