Think Different - think again!!

Ah computing has been very different since I have started using my mac. Very very different. And I must say aadat bigad rahi hai. It seems I am being spoilt (by nature) and some kind of arrogance has crept in my attitude. I logged into Vista today (installed on my Macbook). Why so? To serve the very purpose of installing Vista (or windows). That is to convert the new Office 2007 XML format into a format that can be understood by Office:Mac 2004. I know I can do that online also, but it is not that I will always have an internet connection. So I booted into Vista for the very second time with some purpose. And boy! did I not face some problem. That first habit that I have aquired is to move my mouse at the bottom right corner to have a look at all the windows that are open (and similarly the other corners as well). And I must have gone crazy. I repeated the same action a number of times. At times it got me worried ‘Why isnt it working?’ And then I would realize. Ah shit its windows?? Now here is the problem. Why blame windows? It is you who are to blame. Every software has some limitations, galat aadat nahi dalni chahiye thi. The reaction ideally should have been: ah I am so stupid!! Actually I just realized right now that I am being biased. Cause a week or two ago while working on Mac I would press Ctrl+C for copying. Then I would repeatedly press Ctrl+V at some other location and hope that the piece of information would get pasted. The reaction at that time was: Ah stupid Windows habits, why the hell did they have to choose Ctrl?? So blaming the Macro-fools, err.. sorry Microsoft guys again. I just finished watching Steve Jobs and Bill Gates at D5 Conference (Video) which was sort of fun cause Jobs pulled the legs of Gates very frequently. Now analysing all the known facts I am actually running a risky business here. Come on, Mac isnt even close to Windows in terms of the market share. And if I continue to act like this I am likely to get crazy sooner or later. I feel really sorry for myself, when I picture myself working in my College Lab, about a month from now. So coming back to my other problems. Vista would not let me save any file from an application in the root of C:. I dont know why. I am in an administrator account. I have full access. Still it would not. Instead it would simple give an alert saying that you need administrator privileges to save here. Had it not been my Macbook the computer would have been repenting for such an action. My first reaction to that absurd message was: Who the f**k do you think I am? I am your bloody owner. Mujhe hi kaam karne se rok raha hai? I controlled my emotions. Went upto the security settings. Gave full control over my C:\ to all the objects that were given as an option. It just refused to save the file in C:. So I had to save it on my desktop and using the Windows Explorer I had to transfer the file from the desktop to root. Even at this point It would show a small popup window… Cancel or allow types to… Confirm file operation. So basically It required two extra clicks of mouse. This is still acceptable cause atleast it did allow to do what I wanted to do. But I fail to understand why they have such a meaningless security feature. Maybe to stop remote users or worm. But to make it a good security options atleast it should prompt me for a password or something to ensure that I am the actual administrator, cause anyone can click the allow button. I decided not to go deep to this. I quickly rebooted back to Mac.

And It feels bad to loose a part of your music collection when you are really passionate about it. My previous computer hard-disk a Seagate 200Gb sata stopped working. It had all my iTunes library. I had initally transferred the entire library to my laptop but had to remove some part of it cause I needed some free space in my laptop. And since my HDD refused to work I lost my backup of those songs. I got it replaced (It was still under Warranty). And strangely Seagate replaced it with a 250Gb. A sort of Compensation… or Condolance maybe. 50 gigs is a decent amount of extra space.

And do listen to the soundtrack of The Namesake. Very nice music. I have been listening to it for quite some time now.