Let me clarify one thing… the countdown is not in seconds, or minutes. Its in hours. Now guess what am I talking about… Elections
So polls in the next 10 hours and the results withing an hour or two after the elections.

Although I have covered a lot about the PU polls from kidnappings to midnight raids, I have never shared “this bit”. Let me title it “A Day Before D-Day”.

It started with a wonderful morning… sunny and chilly. But it really felt different when I woke up. Reason: Open House. So Open House is where all the political parties meet. There are three speakers from each panel (panel in this case is an alliance) come up to speak for 12 mins. What happens in PU elections Open House is something not to be missed cause if you are a sensible voter (like me) you’ll find it to be utterly nonsense (and oddly that is the fun of it!!). It is one of the few places where you would find hordes of people screaming at the top of their voices. People will laugh/cheer/clap for every sentence spoken by the panel spokesperson. Actually it doesnt even have to be a sentence, it could be for a simple reason that the person next to you started clapping/cheering. And you will (at times) get to hear nice shayari(full of criticism against the opposite parties) by the political leaders… And this is no campaigning cause the audience is basically divided into two halves. A PUSU half and a SOPU half. So there is hardly anyone who needs any persuasion. In simple words an event not to be missed… just to witness the heights of insanity.

As the night draws nearer, the tension rises. Everyone now starts getting worried about how many votes they’ll get. So in the evening all the party workers work at their respective tents (“Remember the safest place in PU: when I was in first year”). And what do they do? Take out list of all the students of PU, and message them/call them. Just to ensure that in the morning they get the maximum votes (And trust me it doesnt work). This effort continues overnight basically making the most out of the last 48 hours before the elections when Campaigning is not allowed.

Finally I realize how it all works. Basically a 1st or 2nd yr student is only expected to go and cast their vote… whereas the parties expect the 3rd/4th year students to make more and more people cast votes for the party.

Its getting late and I must go to sleep now cause tomorrow I have to act like a responsible student of PU. Great burden on my shoulders!! lol!!