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Personal notes, thoughts and rants from 16 years ago.

Biography of a fat boy

It has been about a week and a half since this boy has returned home for his winter vacations. And in this time he has been one of the most physically active persons in this world. His schedule for a typical day has been…. Wake up at about 10:30 am. followed by breakfast (WoW!!! Eating Time) at a… Read

Sweating at seventeen degree celsius

You know, it is difficult to remain consistently unpunctual. But I have managed to be one. I guess thins time I am not allowed to put any excuses. So let’s start of with what I have been doing in the past month. Since my last post there has been nothing worth sharing apart from the fact that I have s… Read

बहुत िदनो बाद

Long time no post!! That might be in your mind, but surely I have never been very regular with my blog. But this time I have more genuine reasons to not to be regular. The two months September and October were really hectic. The reasons are as follows:1. There were two fresher parties during this… Read

Dare to Wear

All I can say is that this was a dare….And to describe the shorts to you, it looks exactly like the new uniform in the Indian Prisons. Read

Think different.

Life has been good and lazy since my last post. No exams, no study pressure, I have a decent attendance record… so a few bunks didn’t hurt at all. One of the best things that have happened till then is that the elections are over. I had already told you about my friends being directly involved in the… Read

I feel… Mac-ish….

My new session as a second year student has really been very boring till last week. Although I had many things to write, I could not end up writing a post and going up to the café to post it. I expected my second year start to be as good as the first one, but till last week it only had been an … Read

PDP resumes...

Blocking Blogspot was one of the worst decisions taken by the Government in recent times. It has hit the millions of Indian Bloggers (Me being one of them). The simple thing that the Indian Governments do not understand is that those bloggers who want to access Blogspot, need not always access the… Read

The 'excess-time' Problem

My holidays began just a few days after my birthday. And surprisingly these holidays have been the best I have had so far. Never before have I had the opportunity, to enjoy my holidays according to my will. Partly because the school used to bundle you up with a lot of homework and partly because… Read

Hathoda aur Chingaari

Workshop Training has been one of the most interesting part of my course till now. The reason?? It could be simply the joy of creating something with your oun hands… or it can also be that it is the first time I have realized that something useful is being taught. Although the training was a very g… Read

PU, a small glance

The road leading upto my department, from my hostel.Just a stupid but beautiful looking tree.Round about, Chndigarh is full of them. This one’s in the campus near hostel 5.I love to walk through this esp in summers. This lane leads upto my hostel.Sports Department (near my hostel)From a… Read

Another Unofficial Committee

Our latest hobby is to speak with eachother in Bihari or Bhojpuri. Some of my friends have started creating songs in Bhojpuri. It goes like this:Aawa aawa, Panwa Kawa…The song Zombie (by The Cranberries) has been really remade into a bhojpuri/bihari classic. Jombie jombie, Saare bolo jombie,… Read

The Conspiracy....

The past four weeks were the most demanding time of my college life. Full of adventure, hard work, celebration and conspiracy that I believe only PU can offer. Due to such ups and down and excessive workload I was unable to post for a long time. So this post will cover most of the important events… Read

Back to the Ministry

One thing that my friends circle has done is that it has given each other different names. Each one has been assigned a name depending on his characteristics, what he does, his looks etc etc. Lots of criteria.. I hate to say that I am called a Dungar by some of my friends. Another friends group… Read

Rock(-ing) Week

The two weeks following Goonj has had many ups and downs. The end of Goonj meant the beginning of studies and back to a normal student life. Our first sessional exams took place the very next week. Our subjects in this semester are extremely tough and we anticipated a very difficult sessional… Read

Goonj 2006

Goonj is a three day fest of UIET which has technical, cultural, academic and other events. All three days the UIET building looks pretty chaotic. Sponsor banners, students, confused participants, busy help-desk, food and other stalls are some of the common sightings outside the building. This year… Read

Me vs The Technical Committee

Last two weeks most of my time was spent in extensive interaction with the members of the technical committee. As you all know that we organized a national symposium on the 19th of Jan and it was followed by our college fest ‘Goonj’. The symposium was a pretty successful. About 7 speakers came from all… Read

Back to college

College life after the holidays has not been too good. As expected my life after the winter break has been difficult. Quite a number of factors have contributed to this, in fact everything has been dull and gloomy since my very first step in Chandigarh. As soon as I got out of the train at 8:20 in… Read

Winter blast!

My winters holidays are now over, and I am back with a new post. Most of the time in Delhi I was busy doing only 2 things. Either I was riding the newly inaugurated metro (Line 3, the blues line from Dwarka to Barakhamba Road) or trying real hard to install Mac OS X onto my computer. Now if you… Read