Last few days...

Inspite of the fact that I have quite an amount of php work, I just can’t get back to it. Mac has consumed all my time. Even at this point of I am stuch to my mac and I found this nice and easy blogger widget. I just cant image how easy now it is to post new blog entries. I have found two impressive softwares in the last two days. Remote Buddy that lets you control everything in your laptop using the 6 button Apple Remote and Parallels Desktop that lets you run other operating systems simultaneoulsy in mac. The easy transitions, drag and drop features are just amazing. Infact I found both of them to be unbelievably innovative. Apart from that, as Karan pointed out SuperDuper! is a very nice software to back up ur hdd. I have actually cloned it and now its a complete piece of mind as the cloned hard disk is also bootable and it can be used as a recovery partition. Apart from Mail, Address Book and iCal have now become a part of my life along with the other iLife apps like iTunes and iPhoto.

Enough of that, among the other things we had a small-class reunion (all boys). About 8 of my schoolmate, classmates actually met up at CP. We had a nice time together. It was great to see the old mates. And apart from that its just food and food and a nice healthy round stomach… Not that I want to get rid of it, but I have been swimming during these holidays (not very regularly though) and it feels like heaven when the weather in Delhi is hot and pretty dry. Apart from these regular actvities there is another activity which I generally do not prefer. Its watching TV. And trust me the idiot box is also turning really buggy. Who wants multiple music talent hunt competitions. Man you got to see the हालात of Indian Television. It started with Indian Idol, but now you have so many. One wants the भारात की शान, the other the “Voice of India”, then you have सा-रे-गा-मा-पा. oof. Even the Bengali Channels are airing a bengali singing competition… Just too much. And unfortunately I have not seen a single winner of such a conpetition to have become a reputed singer. Anyways I need to go for a swim now, lets see when I get over the Macintosh.

And ah - the iPhone has arrived!! Cheers to the Apple team.