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Personal notes, thoughts and rants from 12 years ago.

Who wants a trouble free Laptop?

Buying an AppleCare Protection Plan for my Macbook Pro was probably the first good decision on my part, thanks to Karan’s advice. Ever since I bought my Macbook Pro, it has been niggling me with some problem or the other. Not that there were any “major issues”, but since I had got… Read

Habits, Addictions and Obsessions

College is over, and there is nothing much to do for the next one month. So I’ll get back to blogging and its time to rewind the past 4 years. I guess I’ll have different blog posts covering different aspect of my college life. This one is going to be about habits/addictions which I owe… Read

Back from heaven...

Last week I went for the most adventurous trip of my life and it is certainly one of my most memorable trips. Four of my friends and I went to McLeod Ganj which a little ahead of Dharmashala. The trip was for 3 days - one night at McLeod Ganj and one night at Triund. McLeod Ganj, which is 1750m… Read

New milestones...

In the later half the year 2004, I had gone to Chennai for the National Round of a Programming Contest. Rungta and I had left our lodge on the first night for dinner and we went to a mall. Both Rungta and I were thrilled to see a Bose Store there and we checked out their headphones. Rungta tried… Read

Not given up yet

Yeah, I know I am not posting much… but look at the good side: I have not given up yet.I will breeze through the last 4-5 months. Some of the memorable things I did was that I watched the India vs Australia cricket test match at PCA stadium, Mohali in Oct 2008. I know its not a big deal, but… Read