So was I sleeping? As a matter of fact I did not have any time to sleep at all. Boy!! I was (and also am) reeeaaaaally busy and worked out. But I somehow I have decided to make another entry into my Blog. Why? Cause firstly there was two new emails in my inbox notifying me of two new comments on my bog. And secondly it reminded me of how long it had been since my last post.
Chalo… Let’s have a quick look back at the last two months. The things that have been keeping me busy:-

  • College (Tests, Classes and now Exams)

  • Fests (Goonj, PecFest, Cyanide, Jhankaar, Synm, Hostel Fest)

  • About 5 jobs in php

  • One project on microcontrollers and networking

  • A small project in Visual C++ (part of curriculum)

  • Trekking

  • Some of the clubs and student bodies are keeping me busy (Technical Committee, Rotaract Club, IEEE, CSI)

  • Many other things that I am unable to recall

  • All right first about college. Studies are really simple apart from one subject: “Digital Electronics and Wave Shaping”. Oh how boring is it to attend those lectures and to play around with circuits and transistors and trying to analyze the effects. Bad.. Bad!! Such electronics subject really bore me. I have just returned after a minor exam on this subject. Thankfully it went well. God knows what will happen in the Semester Exams. There is one more subject that is really bothering me.. OOPS.. basically C++. The curriculum here concentrates more on the theory than programming. And even my teacher is one of the least confident teachers in this subject that I have come across. The worst thing is that you cannot code the way you want to do… Last sem my marks were deducted in C as I had included the string.h header file and used the string functions. Very bugging.
    Next the fests. Panjab University administration has gone crazy!! They just don’t want to give permission for college fests (or to correct it… department fests) The original plan of Goonj (which as you might know, is the fest of our college) was in the month of January. It was delayed further and further and finally it happened from March 16th-18th. Phew!! Finally the administration gave us the permission and we had to organize the entire fest in about 2 weeks. The sponsorship was a big problem. Although the Goonj organizing committee had talked to its sponsors long back, but because of the delay the sponsors also backed out. After a huge effort by the marketing team, Goonj finally got its main sponsor on 15th March… A day before the fest: Reliance Mobile. And because the convener of the Technical Committee was in direct contact with sponsorship issues,.. unfortunately I was (sort of) managing the Technical Events. Thanks to some of the members (about whom I shall talk a little later), the technical events were successful. I enjoyed a good participation in the events I organized “ENTIRELY” on my own i.e. Technical Quiz, Data Mining and Encryption-Decryption. The three nights: Rock show, Fashion Show cum Dance Competition and ‘Khayali’ (one of the winners of Laughter Challenge) and finally the War of the Djs. Moving on PecFest was the college fest of Punjab Engineering College. They had a very bad organization which was further affected due to rains. Their fest took place in February and unfortunately they had to face some bad weather. As a result their last two nights were a big flop. It has to be organized inside their small auditorium. One bright side: I won the second prize in their Technical Quiz along with two other friends of my hostel Vishal and Digvijay. Cyanide was a small fest of the Chemical Engineering Dept. I participated in the city-wide treasure hunt they organized. I found the clues of the treasure hunt to be very vague… one had to be a Chandigarh local to crack them. Jhankaar and Synm were University fests organized be the two major parties PUSU and SOPU respectively. You know how bad the politics of PU is. And finally the Hostel Annual Fest. This time it was in the evening. Same old Punjabi cultural shows followed by dinner and this time there was a DJ.
    Ok Web Development is something that I have really got into. The Goonj website was pretty successful. The first time the students had experienced online registration, personalized page and timetable. And a very user friendly interface. The only thing bad in it was the looks. But I guess I have improved a lot. And I am trying to increase my contacts through this. Recently I got a project to build a recruitment portal for someone.
    The “Embedded Web Server” Project. Even this is going well. I guess now we will continue after exams. Learned some Assembly Language in the process. And I am also trying to develop “Music library software” with my classmate as my VC++ project. Let’s see if we make it.
    Trekking was fun. Last year if you remember we went to Kansal forest. This time the same people took us to Nepli reserve. Only four of us went this time. Dara, Reety, Neha (all from 4th year) and me. Although the trekking was good, I was stuck with three very less interactive persons on earth. Not that I did not know them before hand, but I guess they do not like to talk at all. Anyhow, it was a nice was to spend a Sunday.
    And the committees… oof!! Let me break this post here. I shall soon post another entry that would be exclusively about the different committees that I am a part of.