Bizarre, but a must read.

खतरो के खिलाड़ियों… ज़हरीले भूखे कुत्तो… अब आ गया है वो दिन… T20 विश्व विजेताअों दिखा दो तुम में अभी भी है वो जोशो-खरोश जो दुश्मन की माँ बहन equalize कर दे… शातिर सूरमाअों, आगे आने वाले युद्ध में विजयी लौटना… जय बाबा बाप्पी नाथ। I am a disco dancer… O yeah!!

My final sessional exams for this semester are just over. This was an SMS that I received from one of my hostel mates during the exams. It is supposed to serve as a “confidence booster”-cum-“all the best” message for the sessional exams. By the way the person who sent this message is a Sardar (no offence) who is a Bappi Lahiri fan. He makes up these messages when he gets fed up of studying during exams and sends them around. He has been doing this for quite some time now and I finally decided to share it on my blog.