Unix.. Who cares??

I remember I had to study the basics of Unix in my 3rd Semester but I had found it utterly boring (in fact anything I study in my course curriculum automatically turns into a boring stuff). Recently I have been introduced to the Solaris Operating System, and obviously it has taken me back to Unix. Sun Microsystems has additionally given some learning resources from where I can get to brush up the Unix OS.

I started my course about two weeks ago, and unfortunately I haven’t been very regular because of my ongoing examinations. But definitely my entire approach to Unix and the terminal/command line has changed. Since I am on a Mac I have the benefit of having the best of both the worlds - GUI and a natively running Unix OS command line. So how does the Terminal and the GUI compete against each other?? Here is my opinion:
Let me take a simple example.
Say, on a Mac you have to eject a pen drive. What are the options?? You have a small eject icon next to the device in the finder windows. You can click that and the drive is ejected. But definitely its not preferred. You can also have a eject menu in the menu bar. Naah!! What you like to do is drag the drive into the trash and poof!! The drives unmounted. Now you love doing that, why so? Cause everyone around is impressed by it and also its super cool!! Now on the other hand there is also another way… do it through the Terminal. So you have a simple unix command ‘umount -fv /dev/disk1s1’ Hey its not working!! Gives an error… So, dig the Internet… scratch you head… Google loads of keywords and finally you come up with ‘diskutil unmountDisk /dev/disk1’. And once you get to that… trust me u’ll love using it. Why? Cause its Classy and its Techy. So if you have to choose between Cool and Classy what do you choose? Most probably Cool is the first choice. But just give Classy a shot. Maybe u’ll start loving it just like I am. For me, at least for the time being… Classy is in, cool is out!!
Similarly ‘hdiutil attach diskimage.dmg’ is really a classy way of mounting disk images. Just give it a try.