PDP resumes...

Blocking Blogspot was one of the worst decisions taken by the Government in recent times. It has hit the millions of Indian Bloggers (Me being one of them). The simple thing that the Indian Governments do not understand is that those bloggers who want to access Blogspot, need not always access the site directly. There is always hook or crook method, that can counter these measures by the government. I don’t know why these foolish government decision makers don’t know that!! And, Why should the Dot start instructing the ISPs to block a whole domain?? Should they not identify the suspicious blogs and block those ones?? It was very rightly specified somewhere… It is like stopping the water-supply in town, simply because there are terrorists who drink water in town!! Now even I have been facing a lot of inconvenience because of this sudden illogical decision by those moronic office bearers. I was in the middle of changing the template of my blog. So after having a small chat with Karan I was given the options of pkblogs.com or Tor. pkblogs.com is a slightly slow. Tor is better and is really a good option to fool the servers. NovaPortal was another option. Although Karan likes its speed, I did not find it to be good. It does not display my blog correctly. Thankfully now Blogspot is unblocked.

Ok, now, coming back to my life. I returned Chandigarh on the 19th. Obviously I am now in second year, it is about time to be at the other side of ‘The Phantom Returns’. Yes, ragging is on. But at this point of time the ragging has not reached its peak. The problem is that only the first counseling has taken place till now. And only the first week of college has passed. So the number of fucche are too few. On 19th after taking the possession of my newly allotted room, and after setting it up I went to Hostel No 7, with a few of my friends at about quarter past ten.. Hostel 7 till last year was the most feared hostel as all the second year guys were living there. But now a new block has been constructed in Hostel 7 and all the freshers have been allotted rooms in that hostel. The first thing I noticed when I reached that hostel were a few groups of students standing randomly in hostel parking enjoying their interaction with fellow juniors. We all walked into the hostel and went upstairs to the first floor. Second year students were buzzing all along the corridors trying to catch hold of the limited number of first year students. I wished my mates over there; obviously we were meeting after a long summer break. The first room I entered I found a guy sitting on top of the loft. I was told that he is visiting ‘Shimla’. Well and good, what else can you expect when there is only one fresher trying to meet the entertainment-requirements of about a dozen seniors?? I just walked out of the room as I found the situation real dull over there. I was informed that there are four juniors in one of the rooms. I went in there and joined the other second year students (There were about 10 of them there already!! But only four 1st year guys.). Some of my friends followed. The problem was that in that room ragging was being conducted in Punjabi. Although I have picked up quite a few usual Punjabi terms, some of it was difficult to understand. I just sat back and watched the juniors act according to the given situation. I must say, whatever little I understood, it was really hilarious. I was simply a spectator with no inputs simply because it was almost entirely a Punjabi based ragging. At about midnight I returned back to room. Hopefully next time more freshers would be available. They are expected from the next week onwards.

Meanwhile classes have restarted and the Information Technology branch is really enjoying the course. Semiconductors, Peripheral Devices, Data Structures, Programming Methodology, Fundamentals Of IT and lastly Human Computer Interface are the only subjects. So everything is IT specific. And when college restarts, movies have to restart. Yesterday night I went to watch Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest. First Day last show. This movie unlike the last one was really complicated. Real complicated logic and really open ended. None of us were satisfied as we really felt ‘incomplete’ at the end of the movie. But I must say that the movie was really funny at times. Johnny Depp played an excellent role, but Keira Knightley’s role was not impressive….im sure u know why!!