बहुत िदनो बाद

Long time no post!! That might be in your mind, but surely I have never been very regular with my blog. But this time I have more genuine reasons to not to be regular. The two months September and October were really hectic. The reasons are as follows:

1. There were two fresher parties during this time
2. Four birthday parties have been celebrated; two more will be celebrated in this month itself.
3. Two sessional exams (sort of minors) have taken place during this period.
4. A group from my hostel (including me) went on a trip to Kasauli: in Himachal Pradesh.
5. Durga Puja, Dusshera, Diwali, Bhai Dooj and upcoming Ed… they all take up time.
6. Technical Committee & Exun (to which I have hardly contributed till now) commitments.
7. Project works that I have taken up. I just completed my second project in php and in fact I am taking out time from the third to write this blog post.
8. Studies….. (This one is just to add some weight to the excuses)

Obviously Life@MyWorld describes what is happening in my life…. I’ll just scribble a little about each of the points enlisted above.

First of all two fresher parties: College and Hostel Freshers. This year the college freshers party was pretty good apart from the fact that there was shortage of time during the cultural show. Just like last year even this year there were two phases. First phase comprised of a cultural show by the freshers/ second year students and a Mr/Ms Fresher contest. The second phase was DJ party and dinner at Chandigarh Club. Due to shortage of time at the cultural show our college rock band’s performance was shifted to Chandigarh Club. Now not many students like hard core rock music, and most of the students were dying to dance to the beats of the DJ. What happened next was really humorous. People started doing bhangra to the beats of the hard rock music ….. Really a must watch. You might thing that this is impossible, but you need to see it to believe it…. Land of nerd surds!! That was followed by a dinner. Thankfully they had enough quantity this time. Last year there was a big shortage of food but this time the managing committee did a pretty good job. The only fact that needs to be overlooked is that most of the dishes were undercooked. You can never hope for good food during these events. Now the second freshers was in the Hostel. Again a short cultural programme followed by good food. The best thing about Hostel festivals (both freshers and annual day) is the fight for food. And I really love it. People would rush for plates as soon as the chief guest stands up to give a concluding speech. The food is not ready yet. Although there is never any shortage of food, people just repeat it again and again every time. As soon as the dishes are placed on the table students will just pile up there plates and force themselves out of the mob. And if you are lucky, you might come out with clean clothes, cause almost every one gets his clothes messed up with food.

Second is birthdays… same thing again, I’ll just mention the names of the birthday boys. Abhinav, followed by Digvijay, Sanamjeet and Mohit. And as I mentioned birthdays of Parveen and Sujoy are yet to celebrated in this month.

Thidly, Sessional exams…. Lets not talk about that!!

Fourthly, Kasauli trip. That was a real pleasant trip. Kasauli is a small, beautiful and boring hill station. When I say small, I mean really small. Nano-ish!! Just 3 things to check out. A church, the first in Himachal, built in 1803. A short mall road. And a beautiful Monkey Point. Monkey Point is the top most peak in Kasauli. The area is under Air Force and so entry is only though identity. Also you are not allowed to carry any electronic device inside, so no mobiles/cameras. Now why is it called Monkey Point? Because it is believed the Hanumanji while returning with the mountains, stepped on this peak. The shape of this peak is somewhat like a monkey foot, and so a Hanuman temple has been constructed at the top. As a matter of fact you can see many cities from the top of this peak that includes Chandigarh and Shimla. Apparantly this point is higher than Shimla, although it comes much before Shimla. But everything in Kasauli is not beautiful. This small place is full of Dogs and Monkeys. In fact Kasauli welcomed me with a dog bite. As soon as we reached we started looking for a place to eat. We found a small signboard where noodles was written as नयूडलस which when written in english should look like:nudeless!! As I moved closer to that board a dog poped out from behind it and bit me in on my right knees. Although it was only a small scratch, but I am have to take 5 Rabies injection plus 1 tetanus injection. Bad bad luck… While returning we visited the Pinjore Gardens. A lovely garden maintained by Harayana Tourism.

Fifthly, Sixthly and Seventhly …. Nothing much to write on these and eighthly… Just lying.

अौर अपने मैक से िहन्दी मे पोस्ट करने मे मज़ा अा रहा है।

I have pics to share, but blogger is taking too much time to upload, maybe I’ll try later

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