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Personal notes, thoughts and rants.

Leopard got some ticks

Hey I am getting a little bugged with leopard. Its all coming out of very high expectation… standards that Mac has set for itself. Of course there are some common ones that you can live with, like when you drag any file from finder and then do to the screen corner to show desktop and move… Read

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all. Another wonderful year ends, one of the memorable ones in my life. Hopefully things would be even better in this new Year.Not everything was great today. I went to this shop “Kitchen Affairs” in the evening cause my mother wanted some specific spices. While she… Read

To the newer cat

Belated Christmas greetings. Unfortunately I could not post an entry yesterday, not that I was too busy celebrating christmas, but my laptop had to be pressed into an unavoidable service, namely, showing my mom a movie. Anyhow so I will complete my yesterday’s duty today.So what has kept me… Read


Yes, thats what I have named my new Airport Express Base Station (Thanks to Skar). Didn’t bother to think much to name it.It is up and running and finally my home is unwired. Read


A short one day trip to Shimla-Kufri with few of my classmates followed soon after the last exam. I am a little late at sharing this. As soon as we heard that there was an early snowfall in Himachal, we planned this trip in a hurry. Overall it was a fantastic one. I had seen snow for the first… Read

Sunny Affairs

I am back from my second last exam of this semester (ie if I dont flunk in any of those that I have given till now). The next exam is on 11th, Tuesday and its a biggie. I just hope I am am able to survive three days of preparation and three hours of the examination cause I find this subject to be… Read

End of semester syndrome...

One thing that happened last week was that we had a trip to the Infosys Chandigarh Campus. Infosys Chandigarh is located at the Rajiv Gandhi IT Park. Chandigarh IT Park is developing at a blazing pace. Most of the buildings have a modern architechtural design, mostly glass exteriors (Gurgaon types)… Read

Unix.. Who cares??

I remember I had to study the basics of Unix in my 3rd Semester but I had found it utterly boring (in fact anything I study in my course curriculum automatically turns into a boring stuff). Recently I have been introduced to the Solaris Operating System, and obviously it has taken me back to Unix.… Read


I recently did a software update and a newer version of Safari 3 was intalled, and thankfully…. Google Chat inside Gmail is working!!… and as usual I’m loving it!! Read

A small glimpse of Panjab University

I have uploaded my first public album taken with my camera just a part of Panjab University, I’ll take some more pictures and upload them later.  Read