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Personal notes, thoughts and rants.

Not given up yet

Yeah, I know I am not posting much… but look at the good side: I have not given up yet.I will breeze through the last 4-5 months. Some of the memorable things I did was that I watched the India vs Australia cricket test match at PCA stadium, Mohali in Oct 2008. I know its not a big deal, but… Read

Size does matter!!

For the second time, I guess, I am going to criticize something for being small. I remember saying that iPod Shuffle is too small for comfort. Very easy to lose, it can drom off you pocket while you are taking out your handkerchief and you wouldnt even know. Anyways, but you can live with that… Read

Since the end of 3rd year...

Well I have had two weeks of my holidays now. And there had been nothing new. Just the same old fact that I have gained a lot of weight and I am continuing to do so. Now unlike the previous holidays I have been quite busy this time. The main reason for that is my internship. Unlike last year, when… Read


I returned to Chandigarh yesterday and for the first time is a long time I took a Bus ride from the station to my university. There are few things really distinct about the Chadigarh Transport Unit (CTU) bus service. Recently, about a year or so back they had made a change in their system and they… Read

RDB Fort

So we finally decided to go for an outing. Many of us had been thinking of going to RDB fort for a long time now. For those of you who are not aware of RDB fort. It is a small old structure, maybe a fort, built near Doraha, Punjab behind Gurudwara Manji Sahib. Quite a few scenes of the movie Rang… Read

NTU vs PU (not really...)

In 2004 I took a picture of a bike standing outside one of the hostels in NTU, Singapore.And a few days ago I took this picture outside my hostel.This bike has been standing outside my hostel ever since I got admitted. In a place where Bullets and Open Jeeps are a passion and they rule the roads,… Read

Midnight Adventure

I didn’t blog for a long time… Maybe I was waiting for this Day.On 27th March all the hostels in Panjab University celebrated Hostel Annual Day. A Hostel Annual Day celebration has three highlights. Fun filled annual day function, buffet dinner and a DJ. On the down side, the cultural… Read


I have got my first sessional examinations from 4th Feb. Already I am busy with lots of other things. On top of that the weather is freezing me. Have a look at this:Yes. This is what you’ll find in my Hostel every morning.And to day I was shocked to see the forecast…Who the F**k said… Read

Busy Schedule, no time to spare

One thing one should not do is lead more than one club/committee in college. That is what I have learned in the past month. I have been a member of Technical Committee for more than two years now, and now I am also the Convenor of the Committee. At the sametime, I am also the Sun Campus Ambassador… Read