Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all. Another wonderful year ends, one of the memorable ones in my life. Hopefully things would be even better in this new Year.

Not everything was great today. I went to this shop “Kitchen Affairs” in the evening cause my mother wanted some specific spices. While she was searching for the spices, the billing counter caught my attention. Two brand new iMacs. Wow I said. It was only yesterday, I was at The Deck, India Habitat Center to have lunch with Karan, Maanick and Nisheeth. Even there the payment counter had caught my attention. They were using an ancient PC running a DOS based billing software. My reaction was: Pathetic!! I commented to Maanick that the least they should be using is a GUI with a decent interface. Nevertheless I was so glad that at least this shop owner (or maybe the cashier) has “some taste”. But since I had never seen a cash counter using Mac before, I had never seen a Mac Billing Software in the real life (movies, yes I might have seen a few times). So I moved my enormous body slowly towards the iMacs and when I looked at what was running on that I was terrified. They were running windows, and inside windows, a similar DOS application maximized (not fullscreen, so you can see the Start bar). Outrageous!! Fuck that taste!! Why on earth would someone do this. I am sure there are many LCDs that would look cooler at a lot lesser price and would give the same performance. India definitely lacks sanity in this regard and such extreme examples (of The Deck and Kitchen Affairs) definitely prove this statement right. And I also feel there are there are many more extremes that are left to be seen.

But every cloud has a silver lining and I was able to shoot one this New Year eve:

Once again wishing you all a great New Year.