Since the end of 3rd year...

Well I have had two weeks of my holidays now. And there had been nothing new. Just the same old fact that I have gained a lot of weight and I am continuing to do so. Now unlike the previous holidays I have been quite busy this time. The main reason for that is my internship. Unlike last year, when I used to work at a Sarkari Company, this time I am doing my internship at Oracle, Gurgaon. Everything is good about this training, except for the fact that I have never had a “disciplined timetable” before. I have to go to the office Monday-Friday and do my stuff from the morning till the evening. Now that calls for a very fixed timetable. So every morning I have to wake up around 7…aaarhh!! And obviously, it also means that you cant stay awake late at night. The other bad thing is the drive from Dwarka till Gurgaon. I obviously travel during the peak office hours. Which means millions of cars on road. And which also means that your left hand and your left foot gets sore by the time you complete your journey. Its a 1-2.. 1-2 affair (gears, I am talking about) at many stretches. Recently the NH-8 from Delhi to Gurgoan has been revamped into an Expressway. So that is the only stretch where you can drive “normally”. But again, as soon as you cross the Toll Booth, its back to square one. Like it takes about 30 mins to travel about the 3 remaining kilometers. And I blame DLF for that. They have just opened up offices, without ever considering the “other demands”. Like for example, there is no good place to park your car, unless you are one of the employees of companies. There are some people who have opened up private parking lots (which by the way is simply a piece of muddy land) and they charge about 60 bucks for a day. On top of that, DLF is still constructing at many places, which adds to the problems of the commuters. So, at the end of the day, you will hate to travel in this stretch, even on foot. Now, this entire complex DLF Cyber City and DLF Cyber Greens host many of the top companies of the world. To name a few Oracle, Google, Microsoft, Sapient, Accenture, PriceWaterhouse Coopers, Nokia etc etc. So you have a huge number of well-paid employees going there, and so the traffic situation worsens.

Anyways, its better to stay within the building than to stay in the chaos. Offices are extremely beautiful and chilled out. Every care is taken that the employees are comfortable at work. Unfortunately, there is something wrong about the place where I am working. Like who wants to stay inside the office, when on the same floor (right outside your office entrance) you have outlets of Barista, Dominos, Subway, a Chinese Restaurant and a Bar. Its really ironic that I am usually inside the office due to lack of dough. But I don’t know what keeps others inside.

There is something more that is killing me. The News Channels in India, have totally lost it. I am not a TV addict. I don’t watch television regularly and so most of the time I flip around the News Channels, or the sports channels. But this time the News Channels are giving me a shocking experience. They have nothing to show except 3 things… Like when you turn on a News Channel (absolutely any news channel) the chances are 95% that you will find them showing one of the following things:
1. Aarushi Murder Case
2. IPL
3. Showing glimpses of the 100s of different comedy show/reality shows running on the other channels
I swear to god, they don’t have any news to show. A few weeks ago I was trying to recall how the TV has changed during my lifetime. Like earlier we only had Doordarshan. All night and during we would have those colorful vertical strips and a continuous sound. And then at about 2 (I guess) it will start with a countdown and the News Bulletin. There were separate News shows for the deaf audience as well. Then some time later came the News Show AAJ TAK anchored by, I guess, Deepak Chaurasia. Now that guy really made News important to your life. There used to be so many important news items that this short TV show would cover. It ended with a “Yeh thi khabrein Aajtak, Intezaar kijiye kal tak”, and people would really wait kaltak for the next day’s news. Now slowly, TV has become 24 hours. We have 24 hours news channels, and all of them doing an equally bad job, sadly it even includes Aaj Tak channel. Now the TV channels have decided to shift its focus from news and move towards entertainment. Hiring comedians, getting into collaboration with existing entertainment channels and showing their footage. You really got to question, Where is the News?? Isn’t it stupid to cover a single murder case 24-hours in a day, and making it so hyped that it turns into a political game for the Political Parties. And I am sure that hundreds of murders are taking place everyday. And many of the murder cases are equally brutal and lacks evidences, why go after one like you have nothing else to do?? And then you have “utterly idiot news correspondents” questioning the members of the victims family and the investigating officers “Janta Jawab Maang Rahi Hai??” WTF?? I guess the number of people who are really affected by the verdict is going to constitute of a few people, maybe atmost 100 (including door ke rishtedaar). And finally, I found the news channels go to the extent of inviting sms wishes for the victim. Holy Shit, you are trying to turn it into a profit making business now. I really imaging how things will change in the years to come. No wonder we have so many comedians making fun of the news channels now… here are some of the recent ones that I had seen:

Anyways there isn’t much more to say, just hope that things improve…

Finally, before I end, I’ll like to give a good review of the latest hard disk I bought. A Seagate FreeAgent Go 250 GB

I must say, the design is quite sleek, and the hard disk is speedy. Recommended if you wish to go for a portable external. CNET has given it a 7.6 rating.
<br />Ciao.