New milestones...

In the later half the year 2004, I had gone to Chennai for the National Round of a Programming Contest. Rungta and I had left our lodge on the first night for dinner and we went to a mall. Both Rungta and I were thrilled to see a Bose Store there and we checked out their headphones. Rungta tried out a few tracks off his 3rd Generation iPod and then I tried out the Animal Song - Savage Garden on the headphones. The sound on those headphones had left me enchanted. Those headphones had immediately become my fascination. Since then I had visited Bose Stores a couple of times. Their demos impressed me every single time. Its only recently that I thought of realizing my long time wish of owning a Bose product. About a week back I bought myself a Bose On-Ear Headphone. Just as expected, the sound of these headphones blew my mind.

Also very recently I have achieved another milestone in the department of eating. A couple of days ago I participated in an IPR workshop. I had pre-decided to fill out my tummy at the free buffet lunch (something we as hostelers have always missed). Unfortunately the food was too ordinary and so I did not feel like having enough of it. At the end of the lunch there was ice cream for desert. I decided to prey on that. After about 3 servings every time I went for more the attendant would get annoyed. I went for the 8th serving and stood shamelessly in front of the ice cream counter. This time the attendant absolutely revolted. He joined his hands and expressed his inability to serve any more to me!! Everyone just gazed at both of us. Oh boy, that was an experience to remember. I forgave the ice cream and moved back to the workshop sessions. I guess this experience beat my previous best, when I (along with two others) had emptied the entire container of Chicken at Nirula’s Chandigarh buffet and made them cook more. Even after such experiences I remain as shameless and hungry as ever!!

Day before yesterday we achieved another feat in hooliganism. This time we were fueled by Baskin Robbins owner. One of my hostel mates - Arvind had his birthday yesterday. After a gala dinner we went to the Baskin Robbins outlet at Sec 17 Chd at around 11:30 in the night. We cut a cake outside the ice cream parlor and then went into the parlor (at about midnight) to have an ice cream each. The owner of this ice cream parlor is a very warm gentleman and has earlier given us little tokens like keychains etc. This time after we had our ice creams, he greeted the birthday boy and handed out whistles to about 15 of us. And oh-my-god. It was a moment to remember. All of us gushed outside the small parlor and blew the whistles with our full might. We continued to blow the whistles all the way back to the campus. When we entered the campus, we took a longer route back to our hostel touching the Girls Hostel and almost touching our Director’s residence. It was one hell of a ride back to the hostel. We were lucky enough not to be caught up in another face-off with the police.

Finally there is some good news for our college labs. My college has for the first time bought two 2.66 Ghz 20 inch iMacs. Yeah its very close to the time when I am going to pass our, but never late than never.

I am going for another trip tomorrow. Will sure make some content for a new blog post.

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