A month and a half, in short

Our institute fresher party is over, but that is not the end of it. Fresher parties still continue. Firstly we had a hostel fresher party. A few hours of cultural performance by the hostellers - dance, jokes, songs etc. An excellent lunch followed the performances. Unlike other days we enjoyed 3-4 courses, paneer, fruit cream, cold drinks and more- free of cost and as much as you like!!! And if you think two fresher parties are enough, you get more than enough in PU. University freshers!! The whole University is invited to the university grounds for Aagaaz 2005. This is a cultural event which begins in the evening and continues past midnight, organised to welcome the freshers of university. But one can not enjoy everything in life. Since it took place a day before the 3rd maths sessional, most of us could not attend it. I managed to enjoy it for a few minutes on the way to the library and back. The series of freshers was followed by boring sessional exams.

Diwali is fun as usual and it becomes even better when a few drops of mischief is mixed with it. So late night when everyone is asleep, some loud crackers are burst right outside the hostel rooms. Diwali was celebrated in Delhi but the festive season soon came to an end as the Ist semester was drawing near. If sessional exams are boring and difficult, then semester exams beat it in every aspect. The exams took place from 16th of November till 2nd December and practical till 9th December. As a result we had a crazy hardworking time after the Diwali holidays. And since I am too lazy to attend the ‘useless’ fluid mechanics classes I fell short of the minimum required number of attendance in that subject. As a result I had to face some music till 15th November to get my admit card. The exam papers are of 3 hours duration having 8 questions of 20 marks each out of which only 5 have to be attempted. Although the questions carry a lot of marks, their answers are very short and no one knows how much to write. Questions are sometimes extremely vague - Write a note on a spreadsheet software. Still most of us managed to deal pretty well with the questions.

Now that the exams are over I am free to resume my normal life. Meanwhile Hindustan Times published some good news for all the UIETians. Firstly our new building in Sector 25 is ready to use and from next semester classes will be shifted to the new building. Secondly the present UIET building has become wifi enabled. The whole Panjab University will be wifi enabled in 2 months including 10 hostels. Also a breaking news that laptops may be made compulsory from next semester onwards for students.

Will post more often from now onwards. Leaving you with the most famous PU library…

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