Personal notes, thoughts and rants.

Fifty Three

If I am still standing at the end of the race, hit me with a board and knock me down, because that means I didn’t run hard enough. — Steve Jones. ADHM is home turf. It’s the race where I set myself formidable targets and achieve them. In every attempt I am significantly faster and end up moving ahead… Read


Loads of cups, plates and dinner sets. Heaps of bed covers. A number of table lamps. Stacks of clothes. Piles of flowers. Tons of cash and valuable metals. Countless idols of Lord Ganesha. These are just some of the things you’re highly likely to carry back home at the end of your wedding ceremony. M… Read

Taming Time

A while back a friend who’s quite keen on running a marathon asked me how much time are runners allowed to finish one. “Typically six and a half hours”, I said. The first (and the obvious) thought that struck him was that running 6 hours was quite a challenge. I immediately corrected him on that, “6 ho… Read

Online Identity

A while back I texted the following to a friend who made a whimsical call to change her Twitter handle— Your twitter handle is like your name. That’s how people know you, refer to you, remember you, search for you… (the list goes on). Your handle is for others first. That wasn’t the first time I had com… Read

The Shot

They set up a cake on the table — baked by one of finest bakers in town and handcrafted to remind me of my happiest day from earlier this year. But the cake failed to grab my attention which instead decided to fixate on the thing kept right beside — a shot glass holding 60ml of a cola-coloured liq… Read


Birthdays cause anxiety in me. There’s too much societal expectations around that day — to be exceptionally happy, to celebrate, to have a blast, and if you know of anyone’s birthday to make the person feel special. At the same time, I fail to understand why should it draw as much fuss. The expec… Read

26 miles and 385 yards

I hate running. And yet, earlier this year I voluntarily ran my first two marathons in a span of three weeks. If you think that the two sentences don’t add up, I must admit that it’s a fair assessment. I’d have probably felt the same way had I not authored them myself. However, I insist that both are t… Read

Legs Never Tire

Back in school days, during my 9th class summer holidays, I joined the school swimming pool to learn how to swim. I started off in the children’s play pool and as soon as I got a hang of the basic limb movements I moved to the full-size pool. Each time I completed one length of this bigger pool I t… Read

Looking Back At That Decision

Courage, panic, happiness, disappointments, fun, victories, losses, explorations, anger, fights, pleasures, laze, solitude, friendships, frustrations, excitements, jubilations…All that (and maybe more) over the past 365 days. Glad I took that decision a year back. Read

A cup of coffee

Today morning I woke up to a heavy rainfall. It made me go back to sleep. Few minutes passed by, and mom’s rebuke made me get out of bed. With no will/motivation I freshened up and took the newspaper. Turned a few pages, saw pics of flooded Delhi streets and Airport Terminal 3. Rains make me… Read